Overview result page

Here you will see your search results and information about your project in detail.

  1. Toolbox tab contains functions about your project for exporting, sharing etc.

  2. Contains a summary of your current project version and if you want to change the data entered and run new version.

  3. This tab contains all your search results from different patent indexes.

  4. Actions(ranking ,comments), Statistics, Highlights, Filters View (My Favorites, My Evaluation, Quick View) . 

 Toolbox functions

Here you will find everything related to the blue sidebar Toolbox functions

Export function


You need to make rankings in your search before using this function.

  1. Click on export.

  2. Choose what format you want to export to.

    1. Excel ranked - Exports all ranked patents to a excel document.

    2. PDF ranked - Exports all ranked patents to a pdf document.

    3. Word ranked - Exports all ranked patents to a word document.

    4. USPTOIDS - Export all ranked patents to a XML file.

      1. Remember to unpack the zip file and open the .xdp-file. Read more USPTO.

    5. Excel all - Exports all patents from your search ranked or not.

    6. PDF all -Exports all patents from your search ranked or not as PDF.
    7. Clipboard- you can copy all the patent numbers in your hitlist.

My Evaluation

This is used to filter out patent based on your ranking of them.

  1. First click on the ranking you want for the document.

    1. Similar red - indicates a match found.

    2. Background green- only background information retrieved.

    3. Noise grey - not relevant to your idea. 

  1. Click on "my evaluation" to toggle it ON.

  2. Select filter based on rank.

    1. E.g. Select unrated to see all unrated document in your search.

    2. With the tool toggled OFF all documents will be visible regardless of ranking.


Rankings you make will be visible across all versions.

When this tool is active, Quickview will be deactivated.

Quick View

This function is used to show a more compact view of the results showing patent number and titles.

Highlight Toggle

It is used to toggle highlight function on and off.  Highlight.

This tool can also be used in full size document view.

Reference and Version tab

  1. Here you can switch between different versions of your idea and add general notes about the project.

  2. This data is imported from when you created your idea.

    1. You can add, remove or make changes here, to take effect you need to run a new version.

  3. "Show only new hits" -toggle is used to filter out result you have already seen.

    1. Useful when you have added, removed or changed anything inside "Queried Tab".

    2. If left toggled OFF you might not get any new hits on a new version.

    3. If left toggled ON it filters out hits from previous versions.

  4. Click "Search" when you want to do a new iteration. 

  1. Here you will see your different search index e.g Infringement screening, Global , TermSim and Novelty screening. 

  2. Information about the patent number and title.

    1. Click on the name (e.g #1US2014232994 A1 orto see a fullsize view of the document (will open a new window).

    2. Click on Pdf-icon to see original patent document or to download a copy. (will open a new window).

  3. Displays first image of a patent. Click on it for an enlarged view.

    1. Click on  the black arrows to load and see more images.

  4. A summary for this specific patent document containing first published, by whom, patent classes and Family legal status indicator (If it's active).

    1. To view the document on Espacenet.

  5. Use the comment button  to add comment or you can use the ranking system to make it easier to filter out relevant patent documents in your search.

    1. Click once to rank e.g. noise.

    2. Click again on noise to remove a rank.

Family legal status indicator

  1. Display if a patent is Alive (green) or Dead (red).

  2. Indicator are found on all patents grey info box under Family legal status indicator. -  It will be displayed in fullsize view as coloured text, under Family legal status indicator. See image below. 

Fullsize document overview

  1. Contains all information about first published date, published by whom, first priority, Inventor , classesfamily members and Family legal status indicator(Premium feature).

  2. In this column you can read about abstract and find images for the document. It's also possible to hide this element by clicking on the grey arrow.

  3. In this column you can read about Claim for this patent.

    1. By default the document is zoomed into the most relevant paragraph identified, where that text passage is highlighted (Lightblue).

    2. You can also click on the blue (P)-icon on the scroll bar to quickly navigate to that passage.

  4. In this column you can read about Description for this patent.

    1. By default the document is zoomed into the most relevant paragraph identified, where that text passage is highlighted (Lightblue).

    2. You can also click on the blue (P)-icon on the scroll bar to quickly navigate to that passage.

  5. Here you will find our toolbox, containing Highlight tool, Marker tool(Premium feature) and Ranking.

    1. Highlight tool needs to be toggled on outside this view to be useable.

    2. To see next/previous result, use the navigation arrows inside the Tools tab.

Extended Passage 

With this feature active, the search engine goes through the document and highlights what it thinks are the 3 most relevant parts of a document.

  1. Image shows 2 out of 3 highlighted parts.
  2. An blue (P) on the scrollbar indicates where these passages are found.
    1. Click on the blue (P) to quickly navigate to that passage.

Stats Tab 

  1. Click here to switch between Stats and Highlight tool.

  2. Top countries where priority applications are filed.

    1. Colour


      dark blue


      light blue




  3. Top patent applicants active in the technical field.

    1. You can click on the different parts of the wheel to get more information about the different applicants.

    2. E.g. IBM is the top applicant with 38 applications.

  4. Distribution of Patent Application Priority dates.

  5. Top Patent Inventor active in the Technical Field.

    1. You can click on the different parts of the wheel to get more information about the different inventors.

  6. A word cloud based on your text describing the idea.

    1. Also used to create the default highlight profile.

    2. Larger font reference a more common word in your result.

  7. Top CPC Classes related to the Idea.

    1. Click on a CPC/IPC class to show tooltips, inside an enlarged view.


You can click on all images/graphs/wheels to see an enlarged view.


  • Share is a function you can use to send the link of your idea to any email you want to share with from your company or outside

  • You also can contact us to specify how many hours or days you want your shared link to be active
  • You can share the link to multiple emails at the same time .


    Please note that it is your own responsibility who you share this link with.

  • You can always see how many times have this link been opened and by who. 
  • You can at anytime click on unlink and disconnect this email from accessing the link you shared with

  • Here is an example of the mail that the person you share this link with will get.


  • Now we have a new feature called Watch which you can toggle it on and off while creating your search 

  • OR on any of your old ideas 

  • And this helps you create new versions of your idea automatically and it be sent to your email directly every week or month ( the time you pick ) 
  • Your watch cases you find them in different list than your ideas list 


  • In history function you can track all the activities within the idea you searched and clicked on its history. 

  • You can see if someone else commented on part of it. 
  • If someone marked a part of it.
  • If someone ranked any of these documents and what kind of rank did they rank it.

  • As you see up we have 4 categories in our table, and we gonna be explaining them in this table:


    DateThe date that this user made any activity in this document.
    2)UserWhich user did this, If it is someone inside your company or outsider from who you shared your link with.
    3)CategoryWhat was the type of activity they did, comment or rank or mark.
    4)DataThe data inside this category whether what was their comment or which part they marked in a document or what rank they gave to each document.