Date 2024-06-07


  • Added keyword highlights in our PDF & Word reports.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 14.30.15.png

  • Release of v2 to our DATA & UX API where can be found here with the updates.


  • Changed logos format so now you may add logo to report in adjustable size and now we support JPG,PNG and GIF.
  • Remove dead patents from family members in IPscreener.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Word export for a "patent number search" prints the whole patent info as title and doesn't use the patent number.
  • Exporting ranked or all for more than one version of "patent number search" shows different titles and summaries in versions.
  • Images not loaded in listview for minutes but same time they are shown in fullview.
  • Unranking a document will show in "History" as you ranked it "noise"
  • "Clear" filter in the tools panel won't show till you refresh the page.
  • Summary of biblio of patents exported in pdf reports not shown and shown instead "No summary found"

  • Disabling the marker from user settings still lets you add markers.