Date 2024-04-19


  • Added marker function to internal indexes too.
  • Added an email button beside every patent title to allow you to send the patent data of this document by email. 


  • Refactored member list in fullview for better performance.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Reviewing ranked documents in "My evaluation" mode sorted them wrong.
  • Primary passages changing when having "My evaluation" or "My favorite" enabled.
  • Lines of values of "Top companies" graph in PDF reports stats overriding the CPC classes graph text.
  • Hovering over classes in list view switches to the tools tab no matter which tab you are in.
  • Grouping of same company in top companies stats in Dashboard not working.
  • Passages exported in reports from Global screening were using passages from claim instead of passages from description.
  • Reset default button in highlights not showing.

  • Errors in pdf reports:
    • Documents sorted in wrong order, background first then relevant docs.
    • Document repeated in versions are exported 2 times in the report.
    • Marked passages were repeating twice with their comments.
    • First claim used as primary passage.
  • Fullview data of locked cases in freemium is all shifted left.
  • Adding highlight keyword when in quickview and have expanded one document, makes the whole documents collapse again even the expanded one.
  • Root CPC classes not being found when searched as they were missing /00.