Date 2023-12-06


  • UX API: (API Documentation)
    • Added the possibility to search with patent number in POST idea.


    • GET search now makes you able to get all your search results not only what is ranked based on the value of the new parameter "view:all/ranked".

  • Added text in stats CPC/IPC classes to show how to view the info of each class.


  • Removed "save profile" message when adding new keywords in highlights profile.
  • Loading of passages is improved to be able to load faster.
  • Changed how to view the classes info to be more userfriendly, so now no need to click on it, just hover and they show.

  • Changed the text on "update search" when having my evaluation enabled.

  • My evaluation sorts on relevance and in order so similar documents first, then background then noise.
  • Changed order for highlight colours.

  • Changed algorithm of retrieving patent data when no kindcode provided.
  • Changed sms 2FA code to be all numerically.

Bugs Fixed:

  • External user accessing shared idea and commenting or doing marker comments, it comments with the name of the idea owner not the shared to user.
  • New highlight words not showing till manual refresh.
  • Primary passage summary in listvidew includ the title"primary passage".
  • AI auto scroll in fullview doesn't work in "description" section in "Infrigement screening" index.
  • Non owner user have "change plan" in dashboard but gets redirected to empty page clicking on it since they have no access.
  • "Last used" tab in share table not working on last access/open but only when there is activity done using the share link. eg: marker,comment.
  • CPC classes titles and text outside the box in fullview.
  • Clicking on CPC boxes in fullview doesn't show the details of class anymore.