First Release: Date 2023-10-06

Second Release: Date 2023-10-16


  • Added the VAT info in stripe invoices for all swedish clients.
  • Added the ability to mark in abstract in fullview.
  • Comments of marker is now included in Excel ranked and Excel all too not only in PDF and Word as before.


  • Step arrows in images when opening them is now near and changed their place and distance between.

  • Changed that now unranking a document doesn't autostep if you have autostep on, and you have to rank again for it to autostep to the next document.
  • NEW Now you can copy in fullview paragraphs ONLY if you have marker disabled.
  • NEW Support Applicant & Inventors full names/phrases written between "" in advanced search.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Dashboard not updating from "demo version" to "rank version" after first search with ranked documents.
  • Short summary for abstract, passage and claim being empty.

  • Text in registration/signing up saying that the link to create password will be valid for 24 hours when it is changed and valid for 1 week, so now fixed that it shows you it is valid for a week.
  • Not able to save VAT country without adding VAT number. (reminder: you can't change your VAT country after choosing it first time).
  • NEW User signing up with discount code then adding card and choosing plan before free trial ends shows wrong message about them still in free trial when they already started paying.
  • NEW Next invoice function in "Invoices" tab shows wrong date.
  • NEW GUI and usability fixes:
    • Dashboard fonts in "Latest ideas" was different than the rest of titles. 
    • "Worldwide" title in the family map in fullview.
    • Inconsistency in writing format for titles in fullview.
  • NEW Minimizing marker tab then click pin zooms in to marker but doesn't expand it.
  • NEW Markers created adding duplicates.
  • NEW Can't switch to other plan immediately if canceled a subscription plan and having to wait till this subscription to end to be able to choose other option.
  • NEW Admin inviting users with capital letters in email, then users not able to login.