Version 2.38

Date 2023-09-15


  • Added the current subscription and a message to indicate if you have a valid credit card registered or not in the Dashboard. 
  • Added the option to change plan or add credit card from the dashboard.

  • Added "Plan & payment" tab in the menu to be easier to access it to add your payment or change your plan.


  • Changed the social media icons in the login page and improved the footer.

  • Changed highlight colours for better user readbility.

  • Changed the 24 hour rules in mail for lost password or activation of account into 7 days instead.
  • Changed title of " family map" to "world-wide patent family".

  • Changed the names on the Abstract, Passage and Claim in the listview.

  • Changed that you can't comment passages anymore but you can mark it and comment on your marking and review them under "My pins".

  • Added passage titles to show which is primary.

Bugs Fixed:

  • If you have quickview enabled and expand a hit and ranked it, it minimises it again when it should stay expanded.
  • Freemium allowing users to run only 2 versions instead of 3 in the first full free case trial.