Version 2.36

Date 2023-06-20


  • Now we added new payment plan where you can choose to pay per case and it costs 60 EUR/USD per case.

  • Added Discount code (Voucher) for freemium users signing up to enjoy all our premium features for free for as long as this voucher is valid for.

  • We added symbols in listview under the document to indicate if this document has marker comments and starred paragraphs in fullview or not.


  • Removed numbers from passages in export reports.

  • Added track history of changing the title or reference to your History tab.

  • Added back top 3 CPC classes in the bibliodata in listview.
  • As a company Owner/Admin now you can ban/unban users in your company without contacing support, the only case you need to contact us is if you want to ban yourself.

  • New default tab in fullview is Actions tab instead of Highlights tab.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Share not working for cases created by our UX API
  • Scroll bar in Fullview not scrolling when clicking on certain part in the bar to scroll to it.
  • Creating new marker comment doesn't show the pin of it right away and you need to refresh.
  • Comments or favoriting document made in fullview not showing in listview till you refresh.
  • Disabling marker then enabling it again doesn't work for marking.