Version 2.31

Date 2022-12-21


  • Added expand and minimize commands in voice control.
  • Added more tooltips, for example: Priority date tooltip in advanced search in listview.
  • Added class description on dashboard.

  • Passage and highlight results now are being loaded once not twice when creating an idea.


  • Improved speed on stats.
  • Changed so we have both My ideas and Dashboard in all views, listview or fullview.
  • Made CPC/IPC classes font in stats bolder.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Freemium users not able to export other than pdf in their first full open search.
  • GUI bug fixed that long company names in Monitored companies in the dashboard goes out of the box.
  • Some clients due to security reasons couldn't see our icons in the platform.
  • Company names in Monitored companies was using both inventor names not company names, fixed to use just company names.
  • Global accounts users not able to filter by rank when enabling my evaluation.
  • Command "Assist me" listens and runs the idea but then turn off the mic.