Version 2.29

Date 2022-10-18


  • Version is now written and specified beside index name when enabling My favorites or My evaluation.


  • Our biggest change this version is Refactoring the whole search for better performance and speed.
  • Re-enabled Voice control with new commands and more updated.

  • Now in CPC/IPC class in listview you can only see the first 3 then you need to expand to see the rest.
  • Changed passage border to be wider by 20%
  • Added Tooltip to Indexes.

  • Added delete option to My export.

  • Search tab now is showing first instead of Case tab.
  • Harmonized Bibliodata in fullview and listview.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Creating new idea with having your favorites and evaluation enabled from last version used to create the new idea with same settings enabled now it is fixed.
  • Classes error with showing description as undefined.
  • Fixed GUI bug of Status in different resolutions.
  • Changed the view of the family map so now we can see all the families countries'.
  • Fixed GUI bug with long title and refernce in export box.
  • Fixed the Export API bug with not being able to download.