Version 2.18

Date 2021-10-15


New features : 

  • New option in My Profile settings that let you choose between quick search or advanced search as your own default tab when opening the new search GUI.
  • Implemented new guide to guide the user when signing in to our platform and help him in navigating and understanding the whole process. And this guide you can step backward and forward in it with arrow keys.

  • A new shape for searching for new idea which is global you will find it wherever you are in the platform. (As attached below here is the new GUI for it.) 

  • New function (Clipboard) in export that now you can copy all the patent numbers in your hitlist.
  • Added new function which is "Delete ideas after a specific period" that you can choose to enable it or not.
  • New setting called Auto Stepping.
  • New setting called Default landing page.
  • New setting called Default search option.
  • Now we showing the button to create new idea on the left menu fixed always.

Changes : 

  • Dashboard now have expandable section and titles.

  • Added title to patent number search.
  • Changed the order of the colors in the highlighted keywords so it be like that.
  • Normalized stats by grouping up application names so we have more coverage of companies' names.
  • Added colors to ranked documents exported in excel.
  • Instead of having a new list for watched case, now we have a column in the my idea list called "watch" with status on/off for this case if it is being watched or not.
  • Added option in the billing table for big corporates if they want extended pilot with several users.
  • Changed default order of stats.
  • Changed how running new version works so now when you run new version you stay in the case while it is being run instead of being transferred to my idea list again.
  • Adding a phone number in My Profile is not obligatory anymore.
  • Now when you create a search you have a new box that shows to you and tells you that your search is running now and you can choose to navigate to the dashboard till it finishes.

Bugs Fixed : 

  • Fixed Highlight bug that it wasn't working till you refresh.
  • Fixed that you weren't able to make a comment in My Evaluation mode.
  • Fixed truncation of keywords in highlight.
  • Fixed that running second version of a patent number search doesn't crash anymore.
  • Fixed typo error in marker comment dialogue box.
  • Fixed versions of ideas showing wrong numbers.
  • Fixed wrong rating value that was shown in the history table.
  • Fix the ranking box viewing GUI issue that was only on big screens.


New features : 

  • No trial bubble anymore instead of it we have paywall. (As attached below.)

  • Now we show innovation landscape for freemium users too.

Changes : 

  • Changed that freemium client can now access all fulltext but blurred after top 10.