Toolbox functions

Here you will find everything related to the blue sidebar Toolbox functions

Export function


You need to make rankings in your search before using this function.

  1. Click on export.

  2. Choose what format you want to export to.

    1. Excel ranked - Exports all ranked patents to a excel document.

    2. PDF ranked - Exports all ranked patents to a pdf document.

    3. Word ranked - Exports all ranked patents to a word document.

    4. USPTOIDS - Export all ranked patents to a XML file.

      1. Remember to unpack the zip file and open the .xdp-file. Read more USPTO.

    5. Excel all - Exports all patents from your search ranked or not.

    6. PDF all -Exports all patents from your search ranked or not as PDF.
    7. Clipboard- you can copy all the patent numbers in your hitlist.

My Evaluation

This is used to filter out patent based on your ranking of them.

  1. First click on the ranking you want for the document.

    1. Similar red - indicates a match found.

    2. Background green- only background information retrieved.

    3. Noise grey - not relevant to your idea. 

  1. Click on "my evaluation" to toggle it ON.

  2. Select filter based on rank.

    1. E.g. Select unrated to see all unrated document in your search.

    2. With the tool toggled OFF all documents will be visible regardless of ranking.


Rankings you make will be visible across all versions.

When this tool is active, Quickview will be deactivated.

Quick View

This function is used to show a more compact view of the results showing patent number and titles.

Highlight Toggle

It is used to toggle highlight function on and off.  Highlight.

This tool can also be used in full size document view.