1. Here you will see your different search index e.g Infringement screening, Master and Novelty screening. 
  2. Information about the patent number and title.
    1. Click on the name (e.g #1US2014232994 A1 orto see a fullsize view of the document (will open a new window).
    2. Click on Pdf -icon to see original patent document or to download a copy. (will open a new window).
  3. Displays first image of a patent. Click on it for an enlarged view.
    1. Click on  "black arrows" to load and see more images.
  4. A summary for this specific patent document containing first publilshed, by whom, patent classes and Family legal status indicator (If it's active).
    1. To view the document on Espacenet.
  5. Use the comment button  to add comment or you can use the ranking system to easier filter out relevant patent documents in your search.
    1. Click once to rank e.g. noise.
    2. Click again on noise to remove a rank.

Family legal status indicator *

  1. Display if a patent is Alive (green) or Dead (red).
  2. Indicator are found on all patents grey info box under Family legal status indicator.
    1. Also displayed in fullsize view as coloured text, under Family legal status indicator. See image below. 


*This is a premium feature