Here you will find all the commands you need so you can use the voice control function in IPscreener

Command to sayDescription
New case 
  • Start talk to enter new search case, search after 3 minutes or on command "search now" and show results)
Search now
  • Same as hiting the search button
Assist me
  • Shows a box "processing", then listen to discussion, search it after 1 minute IPscreener shows results. when results ready  then show hit list view, thus we newer see the new case view, Upon results ready IPscreener steps documents automatically on screen one by one at 5 sec intervals, when reaching, end of hit list a new search is performed.
Find more #
  • Perform a new search by using find more on hit #
Step Back
  • Stepping to previous hit
Step Next
  • Stepping to next hit

Make comment

  • Adds a comment to the case

Save Comment

  • Save the documeny comment

Make Note

  • Adds a note to the idea

Save Note

  • Save the idea comment
Open archive
  • Show the case or my ideas list
Open case <id>
  • Open a specific search case
Rank # <rank>
  • Rank the document the rank you say :




IN (Result-view)

Pdf report
  • This option will open an export with all ranked documents saved in a pdf file.
  • Turns off voice control

How to activate microphone:

  • To activate voice commands press microphone icon at the bottom left side in the blue settings panel. 

  • A pop-up will ask you to allow microphone being used. At any given time you can revoke microphone access.

  • And a red dot will appear on you browser tab indicating it's active and broadcasting.

Microphone OFF

Microphone ON