Version 2.35

Date 2023-05-26


  • Our biggest upgrade this version is the new marker and passage comments (documented here in details) , where now you can add your comments and notes on a specific paragraph you mark OR on your passages.


  • Now we support paying per case in our payment methods. (But you need to contact us to enable that)


  • Now you don't need to relog after changing your setting of enabling/disabling marker and highlight as default and can just save it and run your searches right away.
  • Passage and marker colours changed to lighter shades for easier readability.

  • Removed the tip text in the main menu.
  • Removed priority and class from bibliodata in listview.
  • Keywords with punctuatuions such as ( , . ; : ? ! ) are highlighted also now.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Editing your own patent comment taking you back to your landing page instead.
  • Enabling my evaluation with more than one version shows the ranking and star of this document from the first version only and ignores if you changed rank or star in latest version.
  • "Only version 1 in report" setting not working correctly and showing documents ranked from diff versions when exporting pdf ranked,word ranked and excel ranked.

  • Can't scroll export if you have cases loading to export.
  • Reviewing documents in your favorites or ranked shows wrong index name.
  • Marking a text with part passage marked doesn't show the comment pin (number before).