Version 2.28

Date 2022-09-12


  • Added Standard & SEP data to our database and Platform and this can be enabled for each company by request.
  • Added only new hits to Find more function.
  • Added stable header for claim and description in Fullview.

  • Added new summarize function for the abstract and you can see it by just hovering and clicking on the abstract in the hitlist.


  • We enhanced the selection and input of keywords in Highlight.
  • Added more tooltips to the platform.
  • Changed tooltip background color to Pink.
  • Changed the rule to that now you are able to add long comments and notes.
  • Our biggest change for this version is the Export where now we made it a table where you can click to download then it shows you while it is processing and when it is done you can download it and no need to repeat the process few times because the download will always be saved there. 

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the error when you could have added empty comments or notes.
  • Fixed the bug with different timezones where it showed in the comments, notes, history and idea list 2 hours different than the real time.
  • Fixed the bug with extended family giving similar results to simple family.
  • Fixed the bug with comments disappearing while editing if you start to highlight part of text in passage.
  • Fixed that when adding highlight word the view doesn't change to action and stays in highlight.
  • Fixed the bug with images getting mixed with the text in pdf reports.
  • Fixed the bug with excel all reports not showing except one case note.