Version 2.26

Date 2022-06-28


  • Added a new function called Find more, where IPscreener then finds hits relating to the selected document.
  • Now account admin is able to add/change users under the company IPscreener account.
  • Changed the ranking of documents, now found at the right in the tool menu. Possible to enable auto-step to next hit if user wanted to see next document automatically when ranked.

  • Added new favorite marking tool to star documents of interest in parallel of ranking the relevance. You may review these under the "My Evaluation" tab to the right

  • Added a new tooltip where when you hover over one of the tools and click on this question mark it will open a box that has tips explaining what is this tool and how to use it.

  • Now Freemium users can run 2 new version for each case .

  • Added toggle on/off for highlight function in both listview and fullview.


  • Changed how notes and comments looks like and now you are able to add multiple comment to one document and see who added this comment and at which time.

  • Renamed the button in both fullview and listview from Register to  "EPO link" which makes you access the espacenet link for this document directly.
  • Changed that now in fullview the map and family list part is split in two where the map up and the family list at the bottom. 

  • Removed the "Related" ranking and now we just have 3 (Similar, Background and Noise).

Bugs Solved:

  • Fixed that when you run a new version of old idea it doesn't update in the My idea list but now it does.
  • Fixed in the dashboard the bug where words get merged with text.
  • Fixed the bug that when no images found in a document it used to show it as loading.
  • Fixed the bug where Notes didn't appear in Excel all.
  • Fixed the bug with PDF all not working or taking too much time to load and stuck.
  • Fixed the bug about not being able to remove your phone number from your profile settings.