Version 2.23

Date 2022-02-22


  • We added arrows to the images view so stepping through them is possible now.
  • New pdf reports including those 4 stats now : 
  1. R&D Activity
  2. Trend timeline
  3. Top companies
  4. Tech Classifier


  • Changed rule for freemium users that now they can search for unlimited ideas not just 3.
  • Now when running a search you will be redirected automatically in few second to your ideas list or dashboard ( depends on your settings).
  • Changed the sort of family members to be sorted alphabetically.

Bugs Solved:

  • Solved also that the images sometimes goes out the window and was not supported on all screen resolutions.
  • Solved that when running new idea it doesn't refresh and show automatically.
  • Solved the wrong message that used to appear to frozen accounts about wrong password or email instead of getting that their account is frozen message.