Version 2.17

Date 2021-09-03

New features : 

  • Updated Batch list that now documents that are not found (searched) from the input are listed in a list of missing searched documents. (To see the list of missing you have to click on the i icon, See Image Below.)

  • In full document view now we show under the view for family members, a small world map with all the countries covered by the family patents.

Changes : 

  • Changed from EPO format of 10 digits to US original format of 11 digits in PDF.
  • Changed the date representation from family earliest publication date , the publication date for document (in hitlist and exports) is now the specific publication date and priority date showing the earliest priority date in the patent family.
  • Decreased the size of the Marker comment box.
  • Added Inventors and CPC/IPC classes to Excel sheets when exported.
  • If we find duplicates of similar Applicant and Inventors names we group it together example as (WGR CO LTD & WGR Co., Ltd.) in statistics. ( Image on right is the new version.)

  • Added Inventors, Applicants, Published and Priority into PDF reports when exported. (See figure below.)

Bugs Fixed : 

  • Fixed in freemium that now you can see 10 documents in both full view and document view not 3 and 10 like before and any patent after will be shown all but blurred out.