Version 2.38

Date 2023-09-15


  • Added the current subscription and a message to indicate if you have a valid credit card registered or not in the Dashboard. 
  • Added the option to change plan or add credit card from the dashboard.

  • Added "Plan & payment" tab in the menu to be easier to access it to add your payment or change your plan.


  • Changed the social media icons in the login page and improved the footer.

  • Changed highlight colours for better user readbility.

  • Changed the 24 hour rules in mail for lost password or activation of account into 7 days instead.
  • Changed title of " family map" to "world-wide patent family".

  • Changed the names on the Abstract, Passage and Claim in the listview.

  • Changed that you can't comment passages anymore but you can mark it and comment on your marking and review them under "My pins".

  • Added passage titles to show which is primary.

Bugs Fixed:

  • If you have quickview enabled and expand a hit and ranked it, it minimises it again when it should stay expanded.
  • Freemium allowing users to run only 2 versions instead of 3 in the first full free case trial.

Version 2.37

Date 2023-08-25


  • Possible to choose VAT country without adding VAT number.

  • Changes on the dashboard welcome message for new user where we added the name of the user, and added a box to check if you don't want to see this message again.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Ranking a document noise in quick view mode was showing it expanded. 
  • Dashboard locked for users signing up with discount code.
  • Time difference fixed all around the platform that it wasn't showing correct time if it is not GET.

Version 2.36

Date 2023-06-20


  • Now we added new payment plan where you can choose to pay per case and it costs 60 EUR/USD per case.

  • Added Discount code (Voucher) for freemium users signing up to enjoy all our premium features for free for as long as this voucher is valid for.

  • We added symbols in listview under the document to indicate if this document has marker comments and starred paragraphs in fullview or not.


  • Removed numbers from passages in export reports.

  • Added track history of changing the title or reference to your History tab.

  • Added back top 3 CPC classes in the bibliodata in listview.
  • As a company Owner/Admin now you can ban/unban users in your company without contacing support, the only case you need to contact us is if you want to ban yourself.

  • New default tab in fullview is Actions tab instead of Highlights tab.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Share not working for cases created by our UX API
  • Scroll bar in Fullview not scrolling when clicking on certain part in the bar to scroll to it.
  • Creating new marker comment doesn't show the pin of it right away and you need to refresh.
  • Comments or favoriting document made in fullview not showing in listview till you refresh.
  • Disabling marker then enabling it again doesn't work for marking.

Version 2.35

Date 2023-05-26


  • Our biggest upgrade this version is the new marker and passage comments (documented here in details) , where now you can add your comments and notes on a specific paragraph you mark OR on your passages.


  • Now we support paying per case in our payment methods. (But you need to contact us to enable that)


  • Now you don't need to relog after changing your setting of enabling/disabling marker and highlight as default and can just save it and run your searches right away.
  • Passage and marker colours changed to lighter shades for easier readability.

  • Removed the tip text in the main menu.
  • Removed priority and class from bibliodata in listview.
  • Keywords with punctuatuions such as ( , . ; : ? ! ) are highlighted also now.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Editing your own patent comment taking you back to your landing page instead.
  • Enabling my evaluation with more than one version shows the ranking and star of this document from the first version only and ignores if you changed rank or star in latest version.
  • "Only version 1 in report" setting not working correctly and showing documents ranked from diff versions when exporting pdf ranked,word ranked and excel ranked.

  • Can't scroll export if you have cases loading to export.
  • Reviewing documents in your favorites or ranked shows wrong index name.
  • Marking a text with part passage marked doesn't show the comment pin (number before).

Version 2.34

Date 2023-03-17


  • Our biggest refractor for this version is the UX API v 2.0 which added the url function to be able to directly download it without decoding base64 format.


  • Change "Boolean search" title to "Keyword search".

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed the gui bug with not being able to scroll the login screen on small screens.
  • Added the missing kindcode from patent numbers in word file when exported.
  • Tooltip icons moved back on the right.
  • Position of documents changing in exported files when ranking in global index.

Version 2.33

Date 2023-02-27

Bugs Fixed:

  • Passage data in word report was not the same as the pdf report exported for the same document.
  • When accessing shared link as logged in user you be blocked , can't run new search or do anything till you refresh and re-login.
  • Enabling my evaluation with comments on document wasn't shown in platform or when you export your ranked documents.

Version 2.32

Date 2023-02-01


  • Added new tooltip in CPC/IPC stats in listview.

  • Added new function that now it is possible to have your own logo in your exported reports(PDF & Word) instead of IPscreener's and that can be found in your company admin settings. But important to know we only allowing png logos with size 900x20.

  • Added google links for patents as we had only espacenet links before in both the platform and the report generated.


  • Changed titles on all stats.

Bugs Fixed:

  • API bug that gives error when posting a search on an account that has stats enable in their pdf.
  • When advanced mode set and then running a case it should be shown expanded.
  • Exporting word ranked document with marked comments didn't have them in the report

Version 2.31

Date 2022-12-21


  • Added expand and minimize commands in voice control.
  • Added more tooltips, for example: Priority date tooltip in advanced search in listview.
  • Added class description on dashboard.

  • Passage and highlight results now are being loaded once not twice when creating an idea.


  • Improved speed on stats.
  • Changed so we have both My ideas and Dashboard in all views, listview or fullview.
  • Made CPC/IPC classes font in stats bolder.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Freemium users not able to export other than pdf in their first full open search.
  • GUI bug fixed that long company names in Monitored companies in the dashboard goes out of the box.
  • Some clients due to security reasons couldn't see our icons in the platform.
  • Company names in Monitored companies was using both inventor names not company names, fixed to use just company names.
  • Global accounts users not able to filter by rank when enabling my evaluation.
  • Command "Assist me" listens and runs the idea but then turn off the mic.

Version 2.30

Date 2022-11-14


  • New improvement to our notes and comments that now you can edit or delete them.

  • Added where now you can highlight paragraphs.


  • Changed the color and opacity of our highlight for better view of the patent documents.

  • Now you can have your evaluation enabled and have your highlight enabled in it.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Now fixed that fullview and listview when enabling my evaluation will have the same list and same order.
  • Highlighting expressions was not working and now it is.
  • Checkbox for ranking had no action.
  • Cloud word map wasn't corresponding with highlighted words.
  • Export format buttons weren't working for shared users with shared links.
  • GUI bug with images going over text in  screen 1366 x 768.
  • Export reports hanging in patent number search.
  • Enabling my favorite doesn't change the arrange of the documents now.
  • Showing document number wrong in tools menu when minimizing it
  • Enable first  version in settings for export documents now works again.

Version 2.29

Date 2022-10-18


  • Version is now written and specified beside index name when enabling My favorites or My evaluation.


  • Our biggest change this version is Refactoring the whole search for better performance and speed.
  • Re-enabled Voice control with new commands and more updated.

  • Now in CPC/IPC class in listview you can only see the first 3 then you need to expand to see the rest.
  • Changed passage border to be wider by 20%
  • Added Tooltip to Indexes.

  • Added delete option to My export.

  • Search tab now is showing first instead of Case tab.
  • Harmonized Bibliodata in fullview and listview.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Creating new idea with having your favorites and evaluation enabled from last version used to create the new idea with same settings enabled now it is fixed.
  • Classes error with showing description as undefined.
  • Fixed GUI bug of Status in different resolutions.
  • Changed the view of the family map so now we can see all the families countries'.
  • Fixed GUI bug with long title and refernce in export box.
  • Fixed the Export API bug with not being able to download.

Version 2.28

Date 2022-09-12


  • Added Standard & SEP data to our database and Platform and this can be enabled for each company by request.
  • Added only new hits to Find more function.
  • Added stable header for claim and description in Fullview.

  • Added new summarize function for the abstract and you can see it by just hovering and clicking on the abstract in the hitlist.


  • We enhanced the selection and input of keywords in Highlight.
  • Added more tooltips to the platform.
  • Changed tooltip background color to Pink.
  • Changed the rule to that now you are able to add long comments and notes.
  • Our biggest change for this version is the Export where now we made it a table where you can click to download then it shows you while it is processing and when it is done you can download it and no need to repeat the process few times because the download will always be saved there. 

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the error when you could have added empty comments or notes.
  • Fixed the bug with different timezones where it showed in the comments, notes, history and idea list 2 hours different than the real time.
  • Fixed the bug with extended family giving similar results to simple family.
  • Fixed the bug with comments disappearing while editing if you start to highlight part of text in passage.
  • Fixed that when adding highlight word the view doesn't change to action and stays in highlight.
  • Fixed the bug with images getting mixed with the text in pdf reports.
  • Fixed the bug with excel all reports not showing except one case note.

Version 2.27

Date 2022-08-01


  • Changed the order of Input, Title and Reference.

  • Add title to world map family in fulltext.

  • Added more Tooltips.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the bug where symbols or special characters used to get erased in the text describing the idea box.
  • Fixed that when you write a class in minor characters you used to get 0 results.

Version 2.26

Date 2022-06-28


  • Added a new function called Find more, where IPscreener then finds hits relating to the selected document.
  • Now account admin is able to add/change users under the company IPscreener account.
  • Changed the ranking of documents, now found at the right in the tool menu. Possible to enable auto-step to next hit if user wanted to see next document automatically when ranked.
  • Added new favorite marking tool to star documents of interest in parallel of ranking the relevance. You may review these under the "My Evaluation" tab to the right
  • Added a new tooltip where when you hover over one of the tools and click on this question mark it will open a box that has tips explaining what is this tool and how to use it.

  • Now Freemium users can run 2 new version for each case .

  • Added toggle on/off for highlight function in both listview and fullview.


  • Changed how notes and comments looks like and now you are able to add multiple comment to one document and see who added this comment and at which time.

  • Renamed the button in both fullview and listview from Register to  "EPO link" which makes you access the espacenet link for this document directly.
  • Changed that now in fullview the map and family list part is split in two where the map up and the family list at the bottom. 

  • Removed the "Related" ranking and now we just have 3 (Similar, Background and Noise).

Bugs Solved:

  • Fixed that when you run a new version of old idea it doesn't update in the My idea list but now it does.
  • Fixed in the dashboard the bug where words get merged with text.
  • Fixed the bug that when no images found in a document it used to show it as loading.
  • Fixed the bug where Notes didn't appear in Excel all.
  • Fixed the bug with PDF all not working or taking too much time to load and stuck.
  • Fixed the bug about not being able to remove your phone number from your profile settings.

Version 2.25

Date 2022-03-30


  • Now you can enter your classes in small characters not just capital, eg : b25j & B25J.


  • Changed the graphs and their display in the pdf report.

Bugs Solved:

  • Fixed the bug with the map being cut in pdf reports on big screens resolution.
  • Fixed the bug where steering the search by ranking relevant classes doesn't steer it to these classes in the second version.
  • Fixed the bug where when adding a card it gets stuck to a white page.

Version 2.24

Date 2022-03-04


  • Added option to add your VAT number when you signing up with your credit card.


  • Changed the card settings in Account tab so now if your card has one month expire date it will gives you error information and if anything wrong it will gave you a warning to contact us.
  • Changed that now you have all the card info in one box so you can change your card OR your adress from one button.

Bugs Solved:

  • Fixed the bug with data disappearing when adding credit card with wrong expire date.

Version 2.23

Date 2022-02-22


  • We added arrows to the images view so stepping through them is possible now.
  • New pdf reports including those 4 stats now : 
  1. R&D Activity
  2. Trend timeline
  3. Top companies
  4. Tech Classifier


  • Changed rule for freemium users that now they can search for unlimited ideas not just 3.
  • Now when running a search you will be redirected automatically in few second to your ideas list or dashboard ( depends on your settings).
  • Changed the sort of family members to be sorted alphabetically.

Bugs Solved:

  • Solved also that the images sometimes goes out the window and was not supported on all screen resolutions.
  • Solved that when running new idea it doesn't refresh and show automatically.
  • Solved the wrong message that used to appear to frozen accounts about wrong password or email instead of getting that their account is frozen message.

Version 2.22

Date 2022-01-21


  • Changed our login page completely! Added our support, documentation, contact links and much more as shown below.


  • Changed for freemium users so they can now see the top 3 stats which are R&D activities, Top companies and Trend timeline.

Bugs Fixed :

  • Fixed the bug which occurs when creating an account , receiving verification link, accessing it and then the server hangs so you double click the button then it shows that the link expired.
  • Fixed for freemium users the bug where it counts the test idea as one of their free 3 ideas so now they can run 3 free ideas other than the demo test one.
  • Fixed the hanging of "searching" when running new case.

Version 2.21

Date 2021-12-22


  • Changed the old Profile tab to Settings which has 5 specified tabs inside it but only 2 available to all users the other 3 only for company admins and owners.
  • Changed one of the stats name from "Top Competitors" to "Top Companies" .

Bugs Fixed :

  • Fixed Auto ranking to be saved when enabled from profile settings.
  • Fixed the password error that you can't leave it empty or less than 8 characters.
  • Fixed that you can't leave first name or last name empty in your profile settings.
  • Fixed frozen account that now they can't access the platform.
  • Fixed the bug with card disappearing and needing to re-add it again.
  • Fixed cases being run in double when clicking on run search multiple times.
  • Fixed cancel button not working in highlight tab.

Version 2.20

New features : 

Bugs Fixed : 

  • Fixed running other versions when creating idea using API.

Version 2.19

Date 2021-11-01

Changes : 

  • Have a new class input rules, which when you click on the class or the filter icon beside it, it be added to the next version to improve the results upon it.

  • Changed the name of stats.

  • Changed default size of idea text boxes so the user can see the search parameters more clear without scrolling.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed that PDF included more amount of documents than in hitlist, and also the arrange of this documents in the list was different than in the hitlist.
  • Fixed the bug related to lack text for classes descriptor.

Version 2.18

New features : 

  • New option in My Profile settings that let you choose between quick search or advanced search as your own default tab when opening the new search GUI.
  • Implemented new guide to guide the user when signing in to our platform and help him in navigating and understanding the whole process. And this guide you can step backward and forward in it with arrow keys.

  • A new shape for searching for new idea which is global you will find it wherever you are in the platform. (As attached below here is the new GUI for it.) 

  • New function (Clipboard) in export that now you can copy all the patent numbers in your hitlist.
  • Added new function which is "Delete ideas after a specific period" that you can choose to enable it or not.
  • New setting called Auto Stepping.
  • New setting called Default landing page.
  • New setting called Default search option.
  • Now we showing the button to create new idea on the left menu fixed always.

Changes : 

  • Dashboard now have expandable section and titles.

  • Added title to patent number search.
  • Changed the order of the colors in the highlighted keywords so it be like that.
  • Normalized stats by grouping up application names so we have more coverage of companies' names.
  • Added colors to ranked documents exported in excel.
  • Instead of having a new list for watched case, now we have a column in the my idea list called "watch" with status on/off for this case if it is being watched or not.
  • Added option in the billing table for big corporates if they want extended pilot with several users.
  • Changed default order of stats.
  • Changed how running new version works so now when you run new version you stay in the case while it is being run instead of being transferred to my idea list again.
  • Adding a phone number in My Profile is not obligatory anymore.
  • Now when you create a search you have a new box that shows to you and tells you that your search is running now and you can choose to navigate to the dashboard till it finishes.

Bugs Fixed : 

  • Fixed Highlight bug that it wasn't working till you refresh.
  • Fixed that you weren't able to make a comment in My Evaluation mode.
  • Fixed truncation of keywords in highlight.
  • Fixed that running second version of a patent number search doesn't crash anymore.
  • Fixed typo error in marker comment dialogue box.
  • Fixed versions of ideas showing wrong numbers.
  • Fixed wrong rating value that was shown in the history table.
  • Fix the ranking box viewing GUI issue that was only on big screens.


New features : 

  • No trial bubble anymore instead of it we have paywall. (As attached below.)

  • Now we show innovation landscape for freemium users too.

Changes : 

  • Changed that freemium client can now access all fulltext but blurred after top 10. 

Version 2.17

Date 2021-09-03

New features : 

  • Updated Batch list that now documents that are not found (searched) from the input are listed in a list of missing searched documents. (To see the list of missing you have to click on the i icon, See Image Below.)

  • In full document view now we show under the view for family members, a small world map with all the countries covered by the family patents.

Changes : 

  • Changed from EPO format of 10 digits to US original format of 11 digits in PDF.
  • Changed the date representation from family earliest publication date , the publication date for document (in hitlist and exports) is now the specific publication date and priority date showing the earliest priority date in the patent family.
  • Decreased the size of the Marker comment box.
  • Added Inventors and CPC/IPC classes to Excel sheets when exported.
  • If we find duplicates of similar Applicant and Inventors names we group it together example as (WGR CO LTD & WGR Co., Ltd.) in statistics. ( Image on right is the new version.)

  • Added Inventors, Applicants, Published and Priority into PDF reports when exported. (See figure below.)

Bugs Fixed : 

  • Fixed in freemium that now you can see 10 documents in both full view and document view not 3 and 10 like before and any patent after will be shown all but blurred out.